What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is the branch of science about study of fingerprints. Fingerprint patterns are unique and never change throughout one’s life.

What is DMIA?

DMIA means Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis. This analysis reveals inborn talent, potential, intelligence, strengths and weaknesses of a person through scientific study of fingerprints.

What is correlation between human brain and fingerprints?

Research has proved and scientists all over the world have accepted that there is a direct correlation between our brain and fingerprints and that our fingerprints are a replica of our brain neocortex. During 9 months of pregnancy, brain and fingerprints get developed simultaneously from 13th week to 19th week. Fingerprints are like blueprints of our brain. Whatever way brain gets developed, everything gets recorded in fingerprints. This science is extensively used by Medical Science to identify medical conditions related to brain and behavior.

Is DMIA similar to Palmistry/Astrology?

DMIA is not at all related to palmistry or astrology. It is not fortune telling or some sort of prediction. It’s a proven science based on scientific and medical research of Genetics, Embryology, Brain science and accepted by scientists and medical industry all over the world to reveal the inborn traits and capability potential.

What is the best age for DMIA?

This test can be done at any age from new born baby till grown up adults. However, we suggest that child should of age 3 atleast. Earlier the better as child can be improved to greater extent. At the same time, parents will be able to improve the art of parenting and upbring the kids in much better way.

How is DMIA useful for me?

Our DMIA Report has special suggestions for improvement for adults and guiding tips for parents for shaping their child’s future. DMIA report is like a blueprint of a person’s brain. One can discover his/her inborn talent and potential through our analysis. Through DMIA one gets to know the following:-

  • Innate personality and behavior

  • Vocational choices and work environments suitable to your personality
  • Relative strength of left and right brain
  • Relative strength of brain lobes and each part of the brain
  • Comparison of Different types of Multiple Intelligences
  • Learning potential
  • Communication acquiring method
  • Preferred learning style
  • Intelligence Quotient/Emotional Quotient/Adversity Quotient/Creative Quotient
  • Recommended careers
  • Remedies to improve the weak areas

Is DMIA a course?

No. DMIA is not a course. It is a once in a lifetime analysis as the fingerprints remain same throughout the life for an individual.

How is DMIA different from IQ test?

IQ test exhibits only very limited ability of an individual as it only tests a very small portion of Logical and Linguistic Intelligence which are taught in the school itself. DMIT/DMIA gives 360 Degree evolution of an individual which includes Personality Type, Learning sensitivity, 4 Quotient IQ/EQ/AQ/CQ, 8 Multiple Intelligences and their sub intelligences, Learning Style like Auditory / Kinesthetic /Visual, Right / Left Brain Dominance, Leadership style, Management style and Subject Selection etc. therefore DMIT/DMIA is a effective Scientific Assessment Tool which can guide us for life time.

How accurate is DMIA report?

Based on historical data, the accuracy of our DMIA report has been found to be between 80-100%.

How authentic is DMIA as a study or science?

DMIA is a science driven from lot of years of research and has been accepted by scientists and medical industry all over the world. Many big business houses around the world use this science as hiring and pre-employment screening tool. FBI uses fingerprints study very extensively to profile criminals. US Department of labour uses this science to analyse skills of applicants. USA, China and earlier Russia have been using this science to choose and train their athletes for Olympics. There are many countries in Asia Pacific and Europe and schools in US where entire education system and curriculum is based on MI theory. Even in India, now many schools have adopted MI style of teaching. In NCERT syllabus, in class 6th English book “Honey Suckle” there is a chapter on Multiple Intelligence so we also teach these concepts in our schools.