Be A Partner

  • Why should I become BQ partner?

    • Start your own business. Option of no investment.
    • Be your own boss
    • Work from home
    • Working part time possible
    • Complete flexibility
    • Decide your own schedule
    • Excellent returns
  • Who can become BQ partner?

    Whether you are a Professional like Career counsellors, Psychologists, Medical professionals, Teachers, Academicians, Gym owners etc. or a Non-Professional like Housewives, Small business owners etc., you can become BQ partner. Our flexible, multi option partnership model allows various kind of people/organizations/professionals to get associated with BQ.

  • How can I become BQ partner and what is the investment required?

    There are four models through which you can become BQ partner:

    1. Professional Associate

      We would love to tie-up with Professionals who are qualified to counsel the parents and explain the report. This is a zero investment model.

    2. BQ Ambassador - Zero investment

      This is the option for you if you are looking for an option without investment.

    3. BQ Ambassador - With investment

      This is the option for you if you are looking for very high returns with minimal of investment. There are 3 plans in this model.

    4. BQ Master Ambassador
      • You can either get promoted from being a BQ Ambassador to BQ Master Ambassador or can directly become BQ Master Ambassador
      • As BQ Master Ambassador, you’ll be exclusive owner of a state/district/area and you can create further chain of BQ ambassadors under you.
      • Company will not do any direct marketing in that area and all the leads will be passed on to you.
      • BQ master ambassador will have flexibility to decide what margins it shares with ambassadors under it.
      • Eligibility criteria to become Master Ambassador – Atleast 100 analysis per month.
  • What is the scope distribution in each of the models?

    **BQ Ambassador may also do the counselling if he/she is trained and qualified for that. Qualification will be decided by the company and accordingly process will be defined mutually.

  • What are the charges per report? Do they vary depending on the no. of customers?

    The charges vary based on various factors like from city, no. of customers etc.

  • Please CONTACT US to know the commercial and further details about partnership model.